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I hope everyone has had / is having a wonderful holidays! Me and the man did a number of family visits this year (it's our first Christmas together) and today we have been chilling and watching movies. I just saw the 2016 live action Jungle Book and utterly, deeply loved it.

Some might consider this jumping the gun, but I've been designing short story promotional covers for my works in progress, all in the name of building up my graphic and web design portfolio. Aside from designing websites, the thing I love most is creating book covers. The following are for two WIPs I'm currently working on - both unpublished at the moment, but hopefully they will make an appearance at some point!

I'm now working on a cover for my YA sci-fi story The Machinists' Boy, which was recently published at Youth Imagination. I'll share it when it's finished.

Beachcombing is a short YA sci-fi set on a beach in the present day.

Inked is a dark fantasy, involving a girl, a wolf, and a deep, dark woods.

You can see the full-sized versions of these, plus my other graphic design work, at J. Oliver Designs. I'm always available to do cover work for writers, agents or publishers. Drop me a line if you're interested!

Two Hours of Epic Emotional, Vocal and Piano Music by Michael Maas.
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Since the relaunch of my web & graphic design business J. Oliver Designs, I've been working on a couple of personal, non-profit projects so I can build a fresh portfolio with new shiny things. Two of these projects are promo posters for my short stories. I thought I'd share them here in case anyone is interested in promo material for their own stories or novels (all images are high-res and can be printed for posters, flyers, or used online).

Story promo posters for Shuffle and Death Car Alley )

Like I said in an earlier blog, I'm really keen to make web and graphic designs for other writers and artistic types, so drop me a line if you're interested or if you want something made spiffy for promotion. These were fun to make and I'd like to make more. :)

Leaving Town Blues, by Rory Gallagher, John Cook, Rich Newman, & Spoon.
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I always used to say "Trust your story to know what it needs to do" but all my flash fiction seems to end up too long to be flash fiction, even when I set out with a clear plan that's as self-contained and streamlined as possible. The idea starts off small and doable, but in the writing, it explodes and branches off down irresistible avenues. I'm starting to think not all stories know what's best for them—some of them actually want some discipline, otherwise they run away, like the terrible little delinquents they are.

Yeah, I'm having difficulties writing a piece of flash fiction for the Storyslingers Story Slam. Reading slots are approximately five minutes, which equals about 780 words, give or take a few. I had an exciting idea last night, but I already know it'll be a full short story rather than a flash. Grrr. (I'm still jazzed about writing it, though!)

Speaking of the Slam, we've had some incredible custom-illustration done for the promotional posters and flyers. The artwork is by Dan Morison, a London-based artist who draws cool mecha-centric characters and scenes among other things:

Check out his design for Storyslingers here. Cut for size, but you should totally take a look because it is brilliant! )

So far the organisation seems to be going well, although we're aware time is slipping away fast. We have a couple of judges for the panel and we've come up with ideas for prizes and some small tokens for participants. We've also had some sign-ups for the competitive readings, and a number of writers are interested in reading out their flash fiction in the non-competitive slots. Oh, and we may also have a didgeridoo for musical accompaniment (because everyone should have a didgeridoo for musical accompaniment).

Lucky Pressure, by Roni Size / Reprazent.


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