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A small set of Teen Wolf icons, which can be used on blogging sites and social networks. I might make some more at some point, if S3 part II inspires (which it probably will).

You're a heavenly junkie, an ocean in a sink, colours never seen )
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So I mentioned that [ profile] davidrcooke kept talking about, and sending me pictures of, Teen Wolf, which led to me watching it. Like, the entire thing so far. I admit, at first I was geared up not to like it, having grown bored with a lot of supernatural/fantasy shows lately. But to my delight, I loved it and continue to love it and am very excited about the second half of S3 which started yesterday.

I have a lot of thoughts about the show, the characters, the soundtrack, and etc, including a few screencaps and graphics I've made )

The other day I posted my first fan graphics to Tumblr, a Peter Hale trio, though Tumblr resized the images so they're not as sharp as they're meant to be. I need to figure out how to post things in tables or grids and stop Tumblr from messing with my image sizes.

And being an MTV show, TW is packed full of music.

Black Dove, by The Daylights.
Ghosts 'N Stuff, by Deadmau5.
DJ Ease My Mind, by Niki & The Dove.
Nightsong, by Our Broken Garden.
Annie You Save Me, by Graffiti6.
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I realised this morning that I didn't post to wish everyone seasons greetings. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a lovely day doing whatever you did! I'm usually more on the ball but I think I'm still recovering from my NY adventures. My inner time zone is taking a while to catch up, too.

I want to post about the MTV show Teen Wolf but I have a feeling it'll be a long ramble, so I will save my extensive thoughts for its own post. But I've been watching and for the most part enjoying it. This is all thanks to [ profile] davidrcooke, who said it was a little bit like a contemporary Buffy in some ways. I see a lot of other influences in it as well (aside from the obvious one, that is), and absolutely love the soundtrack so far. More later.

The other thing is @FacesPics on Twitter. It's so cute! Basically, people send in photos of inanimate objects that look like they're pulling faces. Such a wonderful idea. While I was staying in New York I saw some sockets that looked like little distraught faces—like these—and it reminded me to recommend Faces in Things.

Best of You, by Foo Fighters.


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