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Caught up on Supernatural season seven, having lost the plot around the mid-season break, which always seems to happen. Couple of things to flail about, cut just in case they're still spoilery ) Every time they renew SPN I throw a wobbly about spinning good shows out way past their sell by date, but I actually really enjoyed this season, as I have all the others, and I'm sure I'll like S8 too. Maybe, just maybe, SPN will be the exception that makes it to S10 relatively unscathed.

85,000 words on the novel draft two. Yay! I added airships, and everything seemed to come together. Ain't it great when that happens?

Sirenia Digest - a monthly journal of the weirdly erotic. I've been subscribed to this for a while now and want to say again that it's worth checking out if you're a fan of Caitlin R. Kiernan's writing. She's currently sharing the original (and now retired) draft of her sequel to Blood Oranges, and there's always a new piece of short fiction, plus well chosen cover art to accompany the stories.

Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek That Ever Lived - posted on The Oatmeal a year ago, this is still wonderful and hilarious and lovely.

Lady Froggy Steampunk Gatling Gun for Dainty Death Dealing - I really want one of these. So deadly! So cute!

Robocat, by Teenagersintokyo.
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Me and a friend are off to the Sci-Fi Weekender (formerly known as the SFX Weekender) in North Wales in a couple of weeks. The website says: It's a festival of fun and activities for people who love science fiction and fantasy which makes me all squiggly and squee.

Check out their line up. Craig Charles! The only thing that could make that cooler is if Robert Llewellyn was there too, but I'll happily take "Dave Lister" alone. There is a Doctor Who, two actors from Game of Thrones, loads of sci-fi and fantasy authors (who I can't wait to see!), and Brian Blessed—who I'm sure we'll hear coming from many, many miles away.

Since I rarely go anywhere on holiday, this will be my chance to get away and fully nerd-out among like-minded people. We've booked a beautiful lodge by the sea that has wi-fi, so I should be able to do some blogging from the con, providing I don't wear myself out too much on sci-fi awesomeness.

Anyone on the f-list going?

In slightly related news (well, it's fantasy related), I see Supernatural has been renewed for a ninth season. While I'm still worried they're going to eek this show out until it's not good any more, I'll reserve judgement until I see it. And OK, yes, part of me is also super excited about more SPN. :)

Ooh La La, by Goldfrapp.
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This is what I've been up to lately: a total revamp of my web design website! The older version was out of date and a few things had changed, plus some of links had died and I needed to decrease the amount of pages, so it was time to shake things up a bit. I got to implement a couple of new features on the site—namely an integrated Twitter feed on the footer, and a basic contact form on the contact page.

I should also note that I'm currently open to commissions, so if you're looking for an awesome, affordable website, drop me a line! But please remember to check the Services page first, as that's where I list everything available. Note, I'm still shady on WordPress design. It's something I'm gradually learning, but because of other work obligations it's a slower process.

I also design bespoke LiveJournal layouts for a reasonable fee!

Ok, enough with the shameless pimpage. I want to talk about a couple of shows and PS3 games I've caught up with recently. Will cut this for length: in which I nerd about Downton Abbey, Ouran High School Host Club , Supernatural, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2 and Heavy Rain )

Phew! That is a lot of nerdstuffs. I need a sandwich.
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Here are the Supernatural icons I mentioned in an earlier post. Mostly Castiel, though there are a few Sam and Dean scattered throughout. What can I say? It's all about the angel! I ended up making tons, though the rest need a bit of TLC, so there will be another batch some time in the not-too-distant future.

This post contains spoilers for season 6.

Icon resources are listed here.
Please don't hotlink or re-post these.
Credit would be lovely!

You doubted me, fought against me, but I was right all along... )
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My guest blog post has gone up at Printsasia, and you can read it here: Finding Your Author Voice. I went with something general in the end that can apply to a wide variety of writers. I'd love to hear what you think of the post if you have time (don't worry, it's short), and if you social network on either Facebook or Twitter and fancy liking or retweeting the post, I may very well build a little shrine to you in my garden!

Also, there is an update from Darwin's Evolutions, who'll be publishing my novelette "Dust City" soon. This morning I've been checking out the line-up and I can see I'm in terrific company.

In non-writey news, I've been on a Supernatural kick lately and finally caught up with the show, and wow. I was so torn about S6 because I didn't think they could top the epic S5 finale, but I was wrong. Ok, SPN? I admit I was totally wrong about you. Cut for major spoilers for Supernatural S5 and S6 )

There will be a batch of SPN icons at some point in the near future, mostly of Castiel, because he rocks. Oh, Cas, I'm professing!


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