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Like with SPN, I lost track of Merlin when it was on TV, stopping a few episodes into series four and not picking it back up again. Until now. I've watched all of S4 and S5 and have a few thoughts which I'll cut as usual )

I was thinking about blog posts the other day and recalled a friend who said she's way more likely to read a post if there's an image in it. I wondered what your thoughts are on this? Do you prefer a post to include an image, either relating to the topic or one that evokes a vibe, or are you more than happy to read text-only blogs? I notice a lot of blogs post images with their entries, but I see almost as many who don't (or if they do, it's not every post). It doesn't make any difference to me as I'm usually there for the text. Unless an image is adding something to the topic, I can live without it. Text doesn't intimidate me (I mean, I read books and manuals, and over the years I've learned to speed read and skim when necessary). It's interesting though. I also wonder if anyone's polled this.

I've started a new Paperblanks notebook! I'm currently writing in Lindau, an intricate design with faux jewels and gilding. So beautiful. I love running my fingers over its cover and moving it around so the light catches the shiny bits.

Better Book Titles - Who have put up some new covers recently.

Steampunk Lego - It was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

Kyle Quit the Band, by Tenacious D.
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I can't believe it's Christmas eve! (Aw yeah, check out my festive rhyming skillz.) I hope everyone is prepared for the onslaught of food and merriment. I've been working hard to lose a few lbs this past month, just so I can put them all back on during the week between Xmas and New Year. Plan!

So my main goal for the next few days is this: write, write, read, and write. Re-write an older story that needs attention, and work on the idea for my next new story. Of course, there will be the usual festivities with the immediate family, and I'm hoping to catch up with a couple of friends online, too. But I also see the following week, when it's generally more quiet everywhere, as a chance to sit down without too many distractions and fingercrunch some words. Anyone else going to be writing through the holidays?

I am so close to finishing Merlin series 3, just two more episodes to go. I missed most of the episodes when they were on, and the last four or five I didn't even catch on the BBC iPlayer. Merlin is a great little show and I enjoy it, but it's not a keeper, and it's not strong enough to grab me and latch on as it's done to a few of my friends. It was nice seeing Harry Melling in episode 11, although it took me a few minutes to figure out he was Dudley in the Harry Potter films. He's lost so much weight!

Speaking of Merlin, a good friend of mine saw Colin Morgan in Covent Garden the other day buying waffles. I don't know why but I pictured this in character and in costume. Arthurian waffles—a taste fit for a king!

Even though I'll be around tomorrow, I'm going to wish those who celebrate it a MERRY CHRISTMAS now, just in case I don't get around to updating. And if you don't celebrate Xmas, have a lovely day anyway with whatever you're doing! ♥

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Yo! I hope everyone is doing well. I've got a couple of things to chat about today, so here goes...

Web design news: I've recently added some extras to my web design business, and I thought I'd let people here know since a lot of you run websites and social networking pages. I'm now offering custom-made Twitter page background designs. Having a unique, eye-catching, informative Twitter background can be helpful in many ways. If you run a website or business, you can add extra information or images, as well as capture the look and feel of your site or product. It's also handy if you simply run a Twitter page and are looking for something a little more personal to reflect your style and interests.

I've already made a few designs for Twitter, which you can see here.

Please email me or drop a comment here if you're interested, and we can discuss what you'd like and how much it's likely to cost. I'm very reasonable!

On the writing front: I'm still plugging away at my second short story. I recently completed the first draft and one round of edits, but something was still nagging me about the whole thing. After sending it to a beta reader and getting some handy feedback from her (awesome chick that she is!), I've realised the problem: because I wrote it in fits and bursts, it's lacking a smooth flow and natural sound. My next move is to re-write the story using the material I already have, but making sure I do it in more condensed writing sessions so I can maintain the atmosphere. I know I have a decent story there, it's just a case of shuffle, expand, spit, and polish. *g*

Other stuff: Also, it's nice to see Merlin back on the BBC. Here are my thoughts on series 3 so far. Spoiler alert! )


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