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Sorry for dropping off unexpectedly again. My VAIO went for repairs and ended up staying with Sony for almost two weeks. :/ I've been surviving on a flimsy diet of iPhone browser, but it's not the same and communication has been difficult. I have my VAIO back now though, yay!

In a fit of passion, I ordered a MacBook Pro with HD retina display a couple of weeks ago. OK, maybe it wasn't so much a fit of passion—I've been seriously considering it for almost a year now—but it was a big leap. It just felt like the right time, what with the release of OS X Mountain Lion and the recent problems with my PC. The MacBook arrived this morning, all sleek and sliver-sexy and chill. I am in love, though I'm still getting used to the Mac way of life. Gosh, but it's a gorgeous piece of machinery! The downside is that a lot of websites look bad on the HD screen. The upside to the downside is that it has lit a fire under me to hurry up and finish my blog redesign.

Argh, and there's so much to blog about! I don't know where to start. In fact, I'll break everything into a few posts, otherwise this will take hours and become epic, and nobody wants that. :)

StorySlam:Live at London's Southbank Centre was excellent. Different to what I imagined—not in a bad way, just unexpectedly cosy and informal. There were around 35-40 people, 25 of whom were writers and who had signed up to read a story, though in the end they could only fit eight readings into the event. The crowd was energetic and supportive, and the judges, compère, and DJ were all fab. What I liked most was that the judges provided individual feedback for each story after the reader had finished. I'm sure the authors took away a lot of good advice and encouragement.

The stories themselves were really diverse, from conceptual arty pieces and darker dramas to light-hearted humorous spins on the "Sheet lightning" theme. The winner, Carys Nelkon, read out a charming story about a boy who had been struck by lightning seven times, which you can read at her link. The coolest thing is that it was her first ever short fiction. I hope to hear more of her work at future slams!

Then a week later, it was the Storyslingers Story Slam. My little writing group! All grown up! Jennifer B has put together a great write up at our website already, and I plan to blog soon about my experience as a co-organiser and the surreal excitement of it, and I'll also post the flash steampunky piece I read out on the night.

F-list catch up tomorrow. For now, I must get back to the MacBook Pro!

Born to Die, by Lana Del Rey (Gemini Remix). Dubsteppy.


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