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I prefer the speedy type of rejections over the non-speedy ones, but they're still rejections. To counterbalance two rejections I got on the same story in the span of two days, I ordered some new stylish and affordable boots. And by "some" I mean four pairs. What? It was Christmas, and I don't have any major vices apart from writing, web design and the odd bout of Skyrim.

The first two were from Yes Walker, who have an offer (that seems to be on indefinitely) of two pairs of any boots or shoes for the price of one. Resistance was utterly futile. Yes Walker is a spin-off site from Yes Style (and Yes Style UK), your one-stop shop for the latest Asian fashion. Here are the boots: images cut to spare your friends pages ) The only real gripe I have about buying from Yes Walker is that the maximum size is usually a UK 7—my size. If I pick a narrow shoe or boot then I'm probably going to be sending them back, and I won't be able to order one size up.

But then, shortly after ordering from Yes Walker, I discovered the Mustang shoe brand at Sarenza. Dear, sweet lord. I picked a long boot with a distressed dark grey fabric and a short boot in cream and brown with awesome lace and heel detail. Again, cut to spare you the potential pain of layout breakage )

So all in all, my feet are very, very happy—and totally ready for 2013.

5-HT (Loadstar Remix), by The Good Natured.
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I've uploaded a video on YouTube of my cat not particularly enjoying his Christmas present, the ungrateful little sod. In fact, I think I get more of a kick out of it than he does. I never knew those Zu-Zu Pets were so bloody funny.

Also, look what just arrived in the post. Probably the most awesome pair of shoes in the world (well, for a fantasy author they are), the Iron Fist "Wolfbeater" werewolf high heels: Pictures under the cut. These are just beyond all win ) The inner part of the shoe is lined with black velvet, the heel is covered in red velvet, and there are lovely black satin bows at the back. When I opened the box they looked quite narrow, and I was worried about my wide-fitting feet, but the shoes stretched out comfortably as I slipped them on. I love them so much, and hope they don't break my neck!

If anyone's interested in Iron Fist, you can find more quirky, horror-themed shoes here. I especially like the Zombie Stompers at the bottom of the page. :)
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I hope everyone has been stuffing themselves with utterly divine food. If not, get thee to a foodery and stuff thyself silly! If this isn't the perfect time of year to do it (whether you celebrate the specific holiday or not), then I don't know what is. I've just indulged with another mince pie. There are four left. But for how long? Dun dun duuuuun.

Oh, and I got those crazy leopard print boots. They are pure win.

I'm also writing, which is in itself happy-inducing, especially because at the moment it seems to be working and I like what I see dripping off my fingertips. Ohpleaseletitcontinue. :)

Happy Day, everyone! *mwah*
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Shoe post! I've found some epic short boots, but the trouble is, I can't decide which I like more. At Christmas time it's always difficult figuring out what to give family members, so we often gift each other with a little money to spend on whatever we want. I figure Xmas money is money that wouldn't usually be there, therefore it ought to be spent on treats (it makes sense. No, really, in my head it does), and thus I have been a-hunting and found three utterly divine pairs of boots:

Apple Turnover in turquoise, by Irregular Choice. Love the bright, bold colours and unique style of these boots—they caught my eye immediately on the index page. I'm really into teals and turquoises right now, too. On the down side, they won't go with every outfit.

Apple Turnover in brown, by Irregular Choice. The same as above but more conservative, and more likely to go with most outfits. Thing is, I have some brown boots (these puppies, also by IC) and I don't want to end up stocking my wardrobe with the same things over and over.

Leopard Spatz, by Irregular Choice. These are way, way cheaper than the above, and I utterly adore the sparkly grunge style of the fabric. Plus, I never go for gold or animal print, and it's really in right now. These might not go with everything, but they certainly make a impact.

Argh, dilemma! Irregular Choice rocks my world, but oh God, they have to stop bringing out so much awesome footwear. *g*
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Received another story rejection last night. I'm still feeling positive and excited about the submission process. It's strange, but before I began sending my work out into the ether, I really didn't know how I was going to react to rejections, but it's a lot less harrowing than I thought it was going to be. I've been conditioning myself not to take anything to heart, reminding myself that everybody goes through it, and making sure I keep getting back in the saddle. It's good to have other projects to focus on, too, so you're not constantly sitting around wondering how your stories are doing all alone in the big scary world of fiction. ;)

I'm also now the ecstatic owner of these gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes: Flick Flack. Comfortable, unique, and stylish! I want to wear them out to lunch today, but it's peeing rain right now, and they're made of such exquisite suedey goodness that I can't risk them.


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