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Up until recently I've only ever used the smaller Paperblanks notebooks, as they are a convenient shape and size for a smaller handbag, plus the designs are just gorgeous. But I just purchased my first ultra and I might be a convert. The ultra is much heavier than the mini, as you would expect, but it's surprisingly comfortable resting on my lap and obviously I can fit a lot more in it. It looks more substantial and feels more substantial, and the pocket at the back can also hold more stuff (faff like business cards, receipts, story ideas hastily scrawled on napkins, etc). Plus they are very pretty indeed.

I sent these photos of my used notebooks to some friends a while ago and thought I'd share. These are all full of stories, snippets and notes. Most of them are minis or around a similar size to the Paperblanks mini: Notebook porn! )

And here are my new shiny Paperblanks ultra notebooks:

Other recommended notebook makers: Peter Pauper Press and Flame Tree.

Lighthouse, by Patrick Watson.
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So far this year, I've mostly been handwriting in Flame Tree notebooks. I got into Flame Tree a couple of years ago, when I was given one of their books - the one featuring Gustav Klimt's Kiss - as a present. Not long after, I picked up the Erté Starstruck book for its pretty art deco style cover.

The things I love about Flame Tree notebooks are almost exactly the same things I love about Paperblanks. They're sturdy, with magnetic clasps that close the entire book into a thin box, keeping your pages safe from the elements. They are shiny, tactile things, their cover art embossed so the act of simply holding them is a delight. The pages are lined, but the lines aren't too bright or dark that they're distracting. I've noticed that Flame Tree tend to use thinner lines, and their books are bigger than most Paperblanks, so you tend to get more on a page. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not: on the one hand, more words! But on the other, when a page is full and you're looking back through for something, you're confronted with lots of text -- and if you write like me, often in large blocks. They have two ribbon bookmarks, a cute but subtle "This notebook belongs to..." section right at the front, and they come with a pocket at the back built into the hardcover -- very handy for loose slips of paper, receipts, business cards, etc.

They come in a variety of sizes, too. I lean towards the 210 x 148 mm books, but the 178 x 128 mm are probably a more convenient size for writing on the go.

Currently I'm using The Great Wave notebook, featuring art by Hokusai. And next up, I have the smaller Contemporary Flame (Gothic Dark Lace) notebook, which is the ideal size for a purse or smaller handbag.

West Coast, by Lana Del Rey.


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