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A friend came to stay over last weekend, and I asked him to bring his nifty professional camera because I've been wanting to take some decent pics for my various social networking profiles, but for some reason I could never get a good one with my iPhone. Of course, once I got my paws on the expensive camera the project rapidly went from a Jen photoshoot to a Jen's cat photoshoot. But I did get some utterly gorgeous pics of my fluffy boy Harry, one of which I've uploaded for your viewing pleasure (if you're into cats or cute things) )

Thanks again to those on Facebook and LJ who sent me birthday wishes on Wednesday. I don't deal with birthdays very well, but the thoughts and messages were much appreciated and cheered me up to no end. ♥ So far, 31 is not too scary and not much different from 30, except that now I'm all pro-active with my stories. Progress, woohoo!

Since I mostly got monetary gifts this year, I've decided it's time to buy myself a shiny new laptop, and I've fallen in love with the Sony VAIO S Series. In pink, no less! I can't wait to hold its sleek, pretty little body in my hands. :)
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I've uploaded a video on YouTube of my cat not particularly enjoying his Christmas present, the ungrateful little sod. In fact, I think I get more of a kick out of it than he does. I never knew those Zu-Zu Pets were so bloody funny.

Also, look what just arrived in the post. Probably the most awesome pair of shoes in the world (well, for a fantasy author they are), the Iron Fist "Wolfbeater" werewolf high heels: Pictures under the cut. These are just beyond all win ) The inner part of the shoe is lined with black velvet, the heel is covered in red velvet, and there are lovely black satin bows at the back. When I opened the box they looked quite narrow, and I was worried about my wide-fitting feet, but the shoes stretched out comfortably as I slipped them on. I love them so much, and hope they don't break my neck!

If anyone's interested in Iron Fist, you can find more quirky, horror-themed shoes here. I especially like the Zombie Stompers at the bottom of the page. :)


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