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I have an unusual batch of icons to share. I guess you could call a lot of them Victorian macabre, and others dark or surreal (and hopefully pretty). I really like how they turned out and had fun making them. I'm just sad I don't have space to use them!

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The weekend before last was awesometastic, and I'm only now catching up with LJ things. My supremely evil friend gave me a freaking PlayStation 3, plus three games (Dead Rising 2, Assassin's Creed, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). Then I bought a further three games to add to the epic brain melt (Bayonetta, Heavy Rain, and Final Fantasy XIII). There goes my entire life. *eyeballs burn in sockets*

Ok, so the PS3 is brilliant, and this is coming from someone who's never been a big gamer. So far, I've played a few chapters of Heavy Rain, a murder mystery, and I've had a go at Bayonetta, which I think could become a favourite. It's so incredibly camp, but the woman has guns in her shoe heels. If that's not a reason to love her, I don't know what is.

Anyway! I hope everybody had a good weekend x2. I'm also posting to share some icons I made when I set up this journal. This set includes: Deftones, Fightstar, Foo Fighters, Dracula, True Blood, Ice Age 3, Zombies, Inception, Terminator Salvation, Family Guy, The Vintner's Luck, V For Vendetta, Let The Right One In, Peter Pan, Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, Hot Fuzz, and a couple of Good Omens quotes.

Icon resources are listed here.
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