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There's a poet called Natalie Diaz. I stumbled across These Hands, If Not Gods the other night, fell in love, and went looking for more of her work. She's also written Dome Riddle, Reservation Grass, Small Thundering, and Self-Portrait as a Chimera, among others. I dream of using language the way she does.

I'm more than a little taken with Breaking Bad. Oh my word. I get it now. I was trying to think of some little criticisms so this doesn't just sound like a lump of praise, but it really is an incredible slice of TV. Some will find it too dark, but the writing and production and acting is so strong, I'd still recommend it to anyone. (And it doesn't even have a hint of magic or fairies or zombies in it!) I made a few icons, eight in total:

We're done when I say we're done )

I've also been messing around in Final Fantasy XIII again, now as a post-game player. I've tackled Titan's Trials, a set of sixty-four missions on Gran Pulse. I was always a little scared of doing the Trials, but they were surprisingly fun with a couple of genuinely difficult battles. They did get repetitive by the fourth round, but the entire game could be considered repetitive so it's a small gripe. I have to say, I love post-game—my Crystarium is maxed, and I've Omega Weaponed five out of six of my characters. I'm currently gearing up for the Adamantortoises—which I still haven't managed to beat. I might be strong enough now.

Twelve days to New York. Depressingly, I found out that The 1975 are playing in NY the week I'm there, but tickets have already sold out. Woe.

Woman, by The 1975.


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