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I still can't get back into a decent sleep pattern. It's going to be brutal when I'm back to work and have to get up at 6am; I haven't been falling asleep until 2am. Come on, body—catch up.

Utterly in ♥ with Hou-Bim's fantastic (and fantastical) illustrations. So colourful!

And I finally get the fuss about the Kindle. On Saturday morning I woke to a totally unexpected gift of a Kindle E Ink from [ profile] aigooism! I've been on the fence about getting one for ages—on one hand, I wanted one because they're convenient and shiny, but on the other hand I had a lot of expenses this year, particularly with my NY trip, and I couldn't justify it. I'm now stuffing my Kindle with books. I've raided Project Gutenberg for a lot of the classics, as well as Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindle Books. I also already had a number of books for iPhone which I've converted using Calibre.

There's a great article up at Society and Religion about the possibilities of setting the next Elder Scrolls game, TES6, in Hammerfell. It considers the impact of climate and environment, society and politics, and culture and religion (as well as other cool things): Small Islands off the Coast of Hammerfell to Explore. It does sound entirely feasible that a future TES game could be set here.

(Related, I love it when friends discover Skyrim and I get to re-live the experience all over again and also become something of a guru.)

Parachute, by Cheryl Cole.
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Last month I actually got around to downloading all of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. And OMG. I'm a bit late, but I usually wait a few months after something new comes out to both give the developers chance to release patches for the bigger bugs, and to give most of the rowdy and obnoxious gamers time to burn out. Which is always good. Anyway, cutting my thoughts on each DLC as this got a bit long.

Dawnguard, in which you can be a vampire hunter as part of an ancient order, or a vampire lord. It's up to you )

Dragonborn, in which you travel to the volcanic island of Solstheim and challenge the first dragonborn who is out for your blood )

Hearthfire, in which you can build your own houses, collect stewards to guard all your loot, and generally feel like a wealthy person )

These DLCs are well worth the money, IMO, and they add a fair amount of new stuff to Skyrim that you can continue to enjoy even after completing the main quests. With the exception of Hearthfire, the other DLCs offer a considerable number of new quests, making them good value, too.

I also just picked up a copy of Dishonored which I've had my eye on since before release, and I'm tempted to grab Tomb Raider soon as well. Gah, so many games, so little time!

Screamager, by Therapy?
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I've got 1k words of my new short story (the one about facial web design) and over 4k of the novel draft #2, so I'm taking a break with a caffeine-free diet Coke (yeah, I know how to live it up) to celebrate writing actual words, and post about the numerous bits & bobs I couldn't fit into my previous entry. Hoorah.

I try not to get cranky about movies. If a movie is based on a book or comic that I know, it's kind of like watching a live-action fan fiction. If it's not based on a book or comic that I know, I'm unlikely to have an emotional investment beforehand anyway. But there's something that's been bugging me more and more lately. It's hard to explain, 'cause here's the thing: I love a good movie score. I've been buying scores for more years than I can remember. I have scores from movies I haven't even seen, simply because I love the composer and know I'm going to love the music. However, I can think of instances in the last few years where I've come out of a cinema feeling highly emotional, but later realised it was mostly because John Williams or James Newton Howard or Hans Zimmer was bashing me over the head with a symphony orchestra for two and a half hours. I do love those composers, but I'd be interested to watch certain films with the soundtracks removed, see how it changes their effectiveness. I bet it'd be quite the eye-opener (or ear-opener).

Anyway, always absurdly late to these things, I finally saw X-Men First Class, which I avoided when it came out because I was worried it wouldn't be as good as it looked, pretty much the same reason why I avoided X-Men Origins: Wolverine for so long. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and should have had more faith! )

I didn't mention that I picked up a copy of Skyrim for the PS3 a few months ago, probably because, once I started playing, I faded from the land of the living and entered the strange, hi-res Otherworld that is Gamer Mode. I seriously don't know where the month of April went. Did it even happen? I have no proof that it did. Some nerdy Skyrim stuff under here )

Oh, and the web design life is hopping at the moment, too. I've been working on two commissions as well as that on-going branding revamp for my own site, and there are a couple more projects on the horizon. It's seriously the best work ever when in a writing slump, because I still get to engage the creative, thinky part of my brain.

That's all for now, as this post is already rather long and rambly! I'll leave with this:

We Are Young, by Fun. They keep playing this catchy tune on Radio 1, and I think I might just love it.
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The weekend before last was awesometastic, and I'm only now catching up with LJ things. My supremely evil friend gave me a freaking PlayStation 3, plus three games (Dead Rising 2, Assassin's Creed, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). Then I bought a further three games to add to the epic brain melt (Bayonetta, Heavy Rain, and Final Fantasy XIII). There goes my entire life. *eyeballs burn in sockets*

Ok, so the PS3 is brilliant, and this is coming from someone who's never been a big gamer. So far, I've played a few chapters of Heavy Rain, a murder mystery, and I've had a go at Bayonetta, which I think could become a favourite. It's so incredibly camp, but the woman has guns in her shoe heels. If that's not a reason to love her, I don't know what is.

Anyway! I hope everybody had a good weekend x2. I'm also posting to share some icons I made when I set up this journal. This set includes: Deftones, Fightstar, Foo Fighters, Dracula, True Blood, Ice Age 3, Zombies, Inception, Terminator Salvation, Family Guy, The Vintner's Luck, V For Vendetta, Let The Right One In, Peter Pan, Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, Hot Fuzz, and a couple of Good Omens quotes.

Icon resources are listed here.
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Credit would be lovely!

A big mish-mash of colour and hot guys (oh, and a weasel...), all gankable )


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