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So I am eyeing Photoshop CS6 for the Mac again. For the gazillionth time. Apparently it's HD Retina compatible, which just excites me in ways I cannot describe. It's hefty on the coin purse at £630, but I use PS a lot—for my web design, and also the random designing I do for my own pleasure (icons, graphics, etc) and occasionally for the amusement of my friends. I'm aware this is sounding very much like I'm trying to convince myself, and I guess I am, because like I said it's a lot of money. In fact, it's tempting to enrol on a short course somewhere, become an official student for a couple of months, and buy it at its student price of £190. Dudes, those price differences are crazy. Hmm.

Stepping away from monetary dilemmas for a moment, a friend recently told me about a new dark fantasy online action RPG called Path of Exile. It's still in beta and it's free to play. I've frolicked in the game a little, though I'm still not sure if I'm a MMORPGer. There are elements that I love—it's visually beautiful, and the character class system not only offers the usual types (warrior, rogue and mage) but also the option to pick a character that combines two classes (a roguish mage, for example). It's designed and built by Grinding Gear Games, a passionate team who understand how complex games work. On the other hand, it's a steep learning curve if, like me, you're not so familiar with the mechanics of desktop roleplaying. And so far there's no support for Mac users. Still, I am recommending it, as I prefer it far more than I did my brief stint in World of Warcraft. Check out the trailer here.

Gradually chipping away at Final Fantasy XIII again. Some of the battles are difficult, and some combat sequences with lower level baddies go on for way too long, but I still adore the characters and their progression, and my god, it's still so gorgeous. Who knows, I might get a bit further through it than chapter 8 this time!

7 Grammatical Errors That Aren't - from Daily Writing Tips. Breaking rules is fun, especially when the rules aren't really rules.

25+ Pieces of Writing Software You Should Know About - Again from Daily Writing Tips.

Walkin' On The Sun, by Smash Mouth.


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