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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I don't really celebrate, but I can totally get with a holiday that has grown to honour chocolate. Look, here are my favourite chocolate bunnies.

Yesterday I was fail on the writing front and didn't get anything done, even though I had grand plans to write my daily 1k. Partly this was due to suddenly having more icons spaces, thanks to the kind generosity of [ profile] aigooism, and my need to fill icon spaces whenever they become available. But I've hit a snag with an image I want to use, and just like a stubborn story, it's not flowing at the moment and I don't know what to do with it. Guh, icon maker's block.

Oh, but I did make an Indy icon, which I'm using for this post. Mmm, Indy...

Last night I re-watched Spirited Away, which never fails to reduce me to a wibbling lump. Haku and Chihiro falling through the air to that incredible score is so beautiful I can barely watch it. Sometimes I think I'd like to know what Chihiro is like now, grown up, but then other times I can't imagine her as anything but the little girl out-growing her childhood petulance and discovering who she really is. The other thing that floors me is how subtly rounded all the characters are. There's no preachy good and evil, and even characters like Yubaba have a softer, sympathetic side. And No Face, polluted by the greed of those around him. It's stunning! I wish this film had been around when I was a kid.

Next on my list is a re-watch of Howl's Moving Castle, one of the few Japanese animations I've seen where I've liked the dub as much as the original. I still haven't read the book, though. It's on my To Read List!


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