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Local playwright Tony Benge is coming to my creative writing group tomorrow night to give a workshop on writing for performance. He recently performed his short play "The Miracle Worker" as part of 15 Minutes of Fame at the arts centre, although sadly I couldn't make it to see him live. But the workshop will no doubt be awesome and come in handy. We'll probably update about it on our blog Storyslingers at some point (feel free to subscribe. It's still quite new, but we're putting up content as often as possible!).

In other news, I seem to be writing a lot of sci-fi lately. It's not something I'm purposefully doing, but the writing prompts from Storyslingers just lead me there. I don't think this is a bad thing at all—more a scary, challenging thing. The sci-fi field is so solid and full of nifty writers and ideas. But hey, if I don't write it, I'll never learn it, right? Right. Write.

Oh yeah, and the other thing. The anime thing. It's been about two years since I've watched any anime. I used to be majorly into it, but ducked out when I realised it was sucking up quite a bit of my time—time that could be spent writing cool stuff. But I just had this hankering for it, so I dug out my old DVDs and re-watched all of Darker Than Black, one of the better Japanese animes out there, IMO. Try it if you like sci-fi noir. I've also started re-watching the Death Note anime, which—while not as good as the manga, mostly due to it having to be condensed—is a pretty damn good adaption. Plus the Japanese voice acting is superb. Some thoughts about Death Note, including anime theme songs and pictures… )

Oh, and yeah, there might be anime-themed icons at some point. Well, you know me!


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