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Because I've finally caught up with the manga, I'm in Bleach mode again. Here are a few new icons I've been fiddling around with.

Big brothers... you know why they're born first? To protect the little ones that come after them! )

Previous Bleach icon batches can be found here.
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All caught up on the Bleach manga now, to chapter 563, and I have even more feels thoughts than before.

I won't spoil anything outside the cut, but I've been wondering if, with all the plot twists, Tite Kubo had some idea of what would happen at the end when he started the story, or if he's just really, really good at laying potential plot threads and then conveniently tying them up. I remember when I read Death Note Tsugumi Ohba said that they often wrote themselves into corners and were forced to come up with plot turns to get back out. So many things in the recent Bleach chapters harken very tidily back to the early volumes—even the first few chapters. It's mind-boggling.

Anyway, here are some of my spoilery highlights from around chapter 370 to 563, including a couple of panels from the manga )

I also have a few thoughts about what might happen at the end or after the series is ended )

The series is well into its final arc, and though I don't know how much is left, exactly, it does feel very much like this is The End. It's sad, in a bittersweet way, and part of me doesn't want it to end. I wonder what Tite Kubo will do next. I don't think he'll attempt Zombiepowder again, but hopefully he'll come out with something fresh and fun.

D-technoLife, by UVERworld.
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So far, 2014 has been a tech-y year for me. I got Photoshop CS6 up and running and am still ogling all the wonderful tools and enhancements. Adobe have really outdone themselves with new joys like Erodible Tips—brushes that work exactly how dry media does; they wear down gradually the more you use them, and you can resharpen the "nibs" digitally. I also bought a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch graphics tablet, which is taking a little getting used to (as expected) but is already proving an excellent addition to my PS adventures.

Me and Beth Stewart are in the process of organising what I hope will be a regular annual trip to North Wales for the Sci-Fi Weekender. 2014 includes a Theoretical Zombiologist, so pretty much all of my requirement boxes have already been ticked. I'm looking forwards to the panels again, and all the cosplayers! (Here is my post from 2013's Weeknder.)

Did I mention before that I've been catching up with the latest Bleach manga chapters, and also rewatching the anime? I stopped reading Bleach a couple of years ago because I tend to go through binge phases when something I like is drawn out over a long period (and Bleach has been going for, like, thirteen years now, so)—I'll leave it alone for big gaps then marathon it in a weekend or whatever. I do this a lot with TV shows, too. Anyway, I am catching up and rewatching and falling in love with it all over again. I want to write loads about it, but I think I'll save it for another post in the future. I have a lot of Bleach feels thoughts. But there will be icons soon!

In For the Kill, by La Roux (Skream Remix).
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Another batch of Bleach icons, this time more varied in characters, although I still couldn't keep the Arrancar entirely out. There's also a couple of silly ones, so beware. ;)

Icon resources are listed here.
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You need to take it easy so we can fight properly... )
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Continuing my mega manga & anime nostalgia trip, I've got 30 Bleach icons for sharing. These are all Arrancar-centric, because I am a slave to Ulquiorra the Arrancar. There will probably be another batch in the not-too-distant future, and it might even contain non-Arrancar characters!

Icon resources are listed here.
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No matter how similar your appearance and techniques may be to those of an Arrancar, the power is as far apart as heaven and earth... )


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