jenniferkoliver: (Death Note | L)
Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2017-02-04 08:30 pm

GYWO First Month, and New EXO Stuff (I'm a Derp)

Just made my first check-in for [community profile] getyourwordsout. January was a strange month, not nearly as writerly as I planned. This is mostly because of a pretty horrible health scare (not me, but someone very close to me) which was a big distraction, among other life things that tried to keep me from the laptop. I did manage to get to the local cafe where I enjoy writing a few days last month, however, so my word count isn't zero, but I'm glad I signed up for the 75k challenge this year rather than the 150k! February will be more productive. :)

My favourite Korean boyband has been making new musics and pretty videos and I have to share a couple of them here, as I am digging the beats and feeling the love all over again:

♫ "Monster," by EXO.

♫ "Lucky One," by EXO.

Funnily enough, ex-member of EXO Luhan is starring in up-coming blockbuster movie Great Wall. I don't know much about his role but it's good to see he's still active.

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