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Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2017-01-14 11:06 pm

Using Dreamwidth More and More, and Getting My Words Out in 2017

If you're reading this at LiveJournal, I'm jenniferkoliver at Dreamwidth. Everything has been imported and moved over, and from now on I'll primarily post to my DW account with content being mirrored on LJ. I'll still answer comments and check a few communities at LJ, but it feels inevitable that gradually we'll all transition to DW. It's sad to see so many people deleting their LJs but I completely understand why. And though it's the end of an era for many, hopefully we can continue to build new memories on DW / other social sites and keep in touch with each other. :)

[community profile] getyourwordsout has kicked off for 2017! I believe you can still sign up if you haven't already, but be speedy - I believe the deadline is tomorrow (15th of Jan) unless I'm mistaken. I'm already loving the posts going up at the community, the sense that people are jazzed and eager to meet each other and talk writing and creativity. This is one of the best resolutions you can make this year if you're a writer.

Gods and Monsters, by Lana Del Rey.
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I have to say, this feels like a good time to move over to DW. Lots of people are spurred to take action for their LJs which means they're paying attention, and maybe if they see they can have an active flist on DW they'll stay? Maybe? *is hopeful*

Based on some of the things I know are coming down the pipeline for GYWO, I'm super excited about this year. I still have SO MUCH to get ready in the next few weeks, but I'm excited.
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Oh, it's okay. I was cleaning out my inbox today and found some horrifically late notifications. >.>

I have to agree that going to LJ doesn't feel right anymore. I've been crossposting and it's still my go-to stop when I need to check something for GYWO, but I've finally gotten into the habit of checking DW first. (Not to mention there are actual posts—made daily—to DW!)

So far 2017 GYWO is looking good. I have to kick off Bingo this month and then I can finally slip into GYWO Cruise Mode. I'm looking forward to that bit of relief. ;)
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I'm not a never-say-never person when it comes to GYWO, but I will say that I have a long-term plan that would eliminate a lot of the problems and confusion we have from operating across both LJ and DW.

OH PLEASE WRITE DISCUSSIONS FOR US AGAIN. Ahem, I mean, yeah, that'd be cool. >.> I'll share the topics spreadsheet now. We're actually right at the end of claiming so the spreadsheet is sorted so mostly unclaimed topics are showing. It should be relatively easy to find interesting topics. If you need a reminder of how claiming or scheduling works, just let me know.
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Yep, you're down for 3 topics!

You'll get an email from me for scheduling, and if we have holes other months I'll include you on those emails as well. We've got a decent number of returning volunteers, though, so I don't think we'll see as much attrition this year.
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You can write in a month or leave it blank. If it's blank I'll bug you whenever I have holes in the schedule. ;)

Basically each year I pick topics to "pre-plan" for the month, to give variety of topics or to space them out (for example, this year we had 21 topics on plot, so I spaced them apart so that hopefully every month will have at least one post on plot). But the months aren't set in stone, so if people need to shift them around, it's no problem.