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Short Story: "The Machinists' Boy" live at Youth Imagination Magazine. 4200 words.

I have a short story out in Youth Imagination Magazine, issue 39. It's free to read online. It's awesome to be able to post about a new publication after a long break from submitting (late last year I needed to step back from the serious bizniz of it all). I'm also thrilled that one of my stories is in such great hands!

Title: The Machinists' Boy
Author: Jennifer K. Oliver
Word Count: 4,200 words.
Summary: YA science fiction horror. Two young boys crash land on a wasteland planet, only to find they are not alone.

Many moons ago I workshopped this story at two venues: Storyslingers writing group and The OWW. Thank you to everyone who provided critiques of earlier drafts. They were all extremely helpful.
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Congrats!! I'm looking forward to reading it. ♥

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God, I suck so much for not replying to this when I thought I had! I remember getting the email notification and thought I'd said thank you. I'm so sorry! THANK YOU! I hope you like(d) it! ♥

*fails at LJ*

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Thank you so much! And I'm sorry for such a ridiculously late reply - I thought I'd replied to the comments here already, but clearly not (or they were eaten by the Gods of LJ)! I hope you're well. :)