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Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2015-11-03 10:20 pm

Gadding About Wales

Went holidaying in Wales last week and wanted to share some photos, which I mostly took to turn into textures that can be used for graphic design (feel free to use them if you like, no permission needed).

There are a few pics of The Puzzlewood, an ancient, winding maze of tangled forest, strange rock formations and caves so otherworldly that it inspired J.R.R. Tolkien for some of the settings in The Lord of the Rings. It's also been used in Star Wars VII, Merlin and Dr Who, apparently! There are a few pics of castles in various states of ruin, including Raglan Castle, another place where parts of Merlin were filmed.

But I didn't really go to see places where things were filmed. Mostly I just love old castles and history. And if that's your cuppa, then Wales is your place.

Gallivanting around the Forest of Dean and parts of Wales...

Chepstow Castle. I stayed in a B&B right across the street from this. What a sight.

The Puzzlewood.

Raglan Castle, probably my favourite. It was huge and sprawling and you could climb so high up.

Stopped off in Gloucester on the way home, and took in the beautiful abbey.

Favourite part: a fairly modern-looking stained glass window inside the abbey. The photo doesn't do the colours justice.

These places are magical. One of the things I like most about Wales is that everything is easily accessible and relatively nearby. You drive and it's twisty mountain roads and arching forests at either side, and castles pop up every few miles. There are secret nooks and caves where epic things happened. So much history and fable.

One thing I will say for The Puzzlewood, though, is that it's a major tourist attraction and if you hit it at certain times, say half-term when kids are off school, it can be quite noisy and not so magical. :/

Back to normalcy now, and back to work, feeling tired and like I ate too much, but really looking forwards to some exciting web and graphic design projects, too, so it's not all bad!

Oats in the Water, by Ben Howard.

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