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Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2015-08-10 11:26 pm

Gadding All Over the Countryside

The weekend before last me and the boyfriend went to a yew tree forest for a wander. I got some great pics on my phone and thought I'd post them (don't you think they'd make good graphic textures? Haha). Weirdly, there was very little wildlife that we saw among the yews, apart from a scant few butterflies and moths. Even birds seemed sparse. It was a bit like being in a woven tree cave that the rest of the world had forgotten, cool and peaceful and safe. It was rather lovely.

Cool hole netted with tree roots. I wonder what animals had squeezed down there to set up home.

Because I discovered my iPhone had some photo effect filters and wanted to try out the old style look.

Because we are derps, we got my car stuck on a narrow country track, which was fine at first, until we realised the two of us probably wouldn't be able to budge it. Thankfully some obliging cyclists came through and helped push my car to safety. These things, they make us stronger (especially when, you know, lifting cars).

The next day the bf drove us into The New Forest for another wander. It's a different thing, the New Forest--there are creatures everywhere you turn. Ponies and cows hang out on the roadside, wander into villages and generally skulk about like delinquents. We walked down a long, narrow road to a lake, spoke to some ducks, and then veered off the path across a field of scrub towards the trees. The forest floor was riddled with crisp holly leaves, and because I was wearing impractical shoes (surprise?), I felt a lot of them. :) But the best bit was the herds of deer. One must have been ten or so strong, including a couple of gangly fawns. It was incredible how close we got considering how noisy we were (crispy holly leaf carpet, yo). Eventually they heard us and bounced away; it was so special. I've never seen that many deer together in one place before. There are lots of picturesque little pubs in the New Forest too. I was thinking that I'd love to stay there for a couple of days, go adventuring, and spend time writing and being creative. All that air and nature has got to be good for the soul pores.

Now back to civilisation, I'm cracking on with a new story that might be a novelette or might even be a novella--I don't know. It's growing itself and I have no control. But hey, it feels great to joyously throw down words like this again. :)

Whispers in the Mist (feat. Aloma Steele), by Varien.

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Ooooh, nice! :D You got some great photos! You're right that they would make great texture :3

Now, go to the Lake District for me and take some photos! :D

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Ooh I'd love to go to the Lake District. If I ever do, I will definitely take lots of pics. :D

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Those yews are something else! They're gorgeous.

And eeeee, novelette/novella! Yessss. Write it, my friend! Write it hard!

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Hey! Yeah they were pretty special. It was peaceful there, the kind of place you'd want to take a notebook or book to read. :)

Hee, I can't wait to tell you about it! You might (or might not) be surprised. :D