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YA Writing MA, a possibility I didn't know existed

Thank you for the responses to my (locked) poll from the other day. Your comments were very welcome. I'll admit—though it was possibly obvious anyway—that when I posted the poll I was still coasting on the waves of a big rejection, and some of your replies were heartening and encouraging (even if you didn't realise they were!).

I met a really nice tutor from a Writing for Young People MA recently, who was doing some workshopping with local teens (which I was lucky enough to attend, too). I mentioned that I liked the sound of the MA and was writing a young adult novel, but didn't have a degree. To which he said: "You don't need a degree to do the MA." To which I boggled, because I didn't know that—I just assumed that a course at a level higher than a degree would require a degree. O.o Apparently students are chosen based on the material they submit with their application.

I don't know if I'd be able to apply for an MA any time soon, and I'm not convinced an MA is the right thing for me anyway, but I did weigh up the pros and cons and I'm pleased the course is accessible.

And in other O.o realisations, my New York trip is under five weeks away!

I'm also into Podcasts all of a sudden. It started with Welcome to Night Vale, which you should be listening to if you're not already, and now includes Frank Skinner's weekly show on Absolute Radio, and a small podcast that is gently teaching me French. This calls for another O.o.

The City, by The 1975.

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HI! *glomps* I miss you!

Hey, have you heard the Dead Authors podcasts? I think you'd enjoy them. Also, I MISS YOU! ♥

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Oh my god, I miss you too! I do have a reply to your email brewing. Why is being social so hard right now? :( I'm all out of sorts!

♥ ♥ ♥

Dead Authors podcast looks amazing! Will definitely add it to my podcast list. Thanks for the rec! (And if you see anymore good podcasts around that you think I'd like, send along a link, and I'll do the same.)

*massive glomps*