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Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2013-01-04 03:05 pm

My first blog post of 2013

I hope everyone had a most excellent New Year! Can you believe it's 2013? Gosh. Last year was pretty good, though there were a few family trials towards the end that caused a fair amount of stress, particularly for my parents (nothing dire, more of a "black sheep" issue with my half-brother). I find it hard not to absorb the stress of those around me, and there were many days of frustration in Nov and Dec.

To balance out the negativity, my good friend (and regular beta reader) Dabs came to stay for four days after Christmas, which took care of any post-Xmas lethargy. It was so great having her here and I really miss my houseguest. Roll on 2014 when she might return to the UK!

Positive writing-related news: The zombie story I mentioned a few weeks ago was just picked as Editor's Choice at the Online Writing Workshop for February's newsletter. As before, this both thrills and terrifies me. The story is currently out on submission and I know I won't be able to adjust anything for the market that has it right now, which is a shame as they're a really good market. But it's OK—getting feedback from a pro writer on a story at any stage is wonderful, and if this market rejects it, I'll have another critique to help weed out the weaknesses.

There's also a shoe-centric blog post coming soon (can you guess where my Xmas money went?). It's been ages since I've mooned over footwear here on LJ and I miss the shoesquee.

And I know I mentioned this already, but since it was on a busy holiday day I figure another link won't hurt. I sold one of my micro fictions to Nanoism: The Clockmaker's Heart. A tiny and bittersweet steampunky piece.

Be My Animal, by The Good Natured.