Dec. 17th, 2016

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Before anything else, I have to point to GrumpySkeletor on Twitter. This account is a parody and if you're a child of the 70s or 80s, yes, it might tarnish your nostalgia but it's so entertaining.

So Christmas is just over a week away. Where did the last two months go? So much has changed for me since the spring, and it seems to have flown... Saying that, I'm so excited about spending Christmas with my boyfriend. We met at the end of April, and became officially official at the end of July. It's been amazing. It took a long time for us to find each other, but my friends and family were right - never give up hope, there is the perfect person out there for you.

I've also rekindled my romance with writing. Looking at old stories with new, slightly older eyes is doing wonders for my creativity. I see things I didn't before, and more importantly I see things beta readers pulled up that at the time I didn't agree with. It's OK to disagree with feedback sometimes, be it in your own mind or with a critique partner, but time works wonders for perspective. I put a lot of stock in being patient and broadening the mind.

Writing feels open and fresh again, which is what I had been hoping for. And yes, it took longer to come back than I thought (or wanted), but it's one of those things. Now I can add my new experiences to it and make a different flavour.

I love this feeling. Disconnect is horrible, even when you tell yourself not to fret too much and be patient. Doubt sets in when you can't remember how it felt to be creative and you begin to think all that other stuff was a fluke. In my case, I believe personal life things bogged me down and snuffed out my creative energy. It happens. But again, I truly think that if you are a storyteller - or any kind of lover of writing - it will come back.

So I'm cannonballing towards 2017 with enthusiasm and a growing sort of joy. I hope everyone has an excellent year. :)

The Dreamer, by Anna of the North.


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