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Listening to The Last Airbender movie score as I write, particularly "Flow Like Water", which is utterly, intensely stunning. I listened to the last minute while writing a chase scene earlier, and now it's fast becoming part of my own personal soundtrack to The Big WIP. James Newton Howard is genius through and through, and if you listen to a single piece of music today, let it be the one above. I was saying to someone on my f-list the other day that if Hans Zimmer, James Horner, James Newton Howard, and Danny Elfman ever collaborated there'd be a possibility my head would implode. And it would be the best head-implodey experience and totally worth it, IMO.

Also, I loved the movie, and I'm a massive fan of the original cartoon. Oh yeah, I just went there. ;)

Btw, can everybody see the videos I link to on YouTube? I know some vids are only viewable in certain countries, and I don't want to inadvertently exclude anyone. Is there a way of checking which vids are viewable by all?


Saw District 9 yesterday at a friend's, because we both missed it when it came out and we're often late to these things. Overall: thumbs up. There's even a possibility of DVD purchase. My reactions were thus (in order of appearance):

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