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26th-Jan-2011 02:26 pm - Tronlicious Iconage
jenniferkoliver: (Foo Fighters | Learn to Fly)
Rather than bore you with a massive rant about my connection woes, I'll quickly say that after I made my last post my phone line died again and I was without Internet for the past week. The phone guys came out Monday and finally fixed the problem, so hopefully it's all good now. For realz!

Moving swiftly on, I made a batch of Tron icons weeks ago, after seeing Tron: Legacy and liking it. It got me feeling nostalgic enough to dig out the original movie and take some screencaps as I watched. There are also a couple of Legacy images here, made from various promo pics. Oh, and some silly moving gifs!

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Oh man, this isn't happening, it only thinks it's happening... )
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