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I use many textures made by other makers in my icons and graphics, and I wanted to share some of mine as a kind of "pay it forwards" (sounds so cheesy, but true!). Here is a batch of textures, both icon sized and larger.

Made using stock images and Photoshop CS3.
Feel free to use them in commercial and non-commercial work.
Credit would be lovely! (But isn't a massive deal.)

Such a strange numb, and it brings my knees to the earth )
14th-Jan-2013 08:07 pm - Graphics: "In Dreams" texture set
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Here are some more of my textures, for both icon-sized and larger graphics.

Made using random stock images and Photoshop CS3.
Feel free to use them in commercial and non-commercial work.
Credit would be lovely (but isn't a massive deal).

I've been cheating gravity and waiting on the falls )
10th-Jan-2010 07:38 pm - Resources, Credits & Icontest Banners
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I put together all my own icons (for LiveJournal) and edits/graphics (for Tumblr), and I often use textures, brushes, and tutorials made by other people. If I've used one of your resources and I've missed you off this list, my apologies. I've amassed a huge collection of textures and sometimes I lose the names of those who make them, or the makers leave LJ/DA/Tumblr or create new accounts. Feel free to drop a comment here and I will add you or edit your name ASAP.

Textures made by me
Vibrant Grunge, 59 icon-sized and 3 large textures.
In Dreams, 52 icon-sized and 4 large textures.

Brushes, textures, patterns
9 Litres of Art
So Ghislaine
[ profile] kaien_kun
Crazy Kira
[ profile] tragic_icons
Coffee For Closer
[ profile] aoi_sama896
[ profile] aube_des_arts
[ profile] soaked
[ profile] absolucion
Planets Bend Between Us
[ profile] cooloring
[ profile] crazydelight
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] eveningwalk
[ profile] xloliconsx
[ profile] yunhe
[ profile] padabee

Tutorials & PSDs
[ profile] psychedelicats
Mellarkboxers @ Tumblr
Callmebrandon @ Tumblr (animations)
[ profile] good_tutorial

[ profile] midnight_road
We Heart It
South Park Studios UK
Google Images
Screencap Paradise

Malionette Tiny Icons
Icon Table Generator

If you see an icon or graphic I've made and you like it, feel free to use it on your own blog. Credit would be lovely, though I'm not going to chase you down if you don't. This is how you credit:

And here are a couple of banners from icon contests:

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