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Jennifer K. Oliver ([personal profile] jenniferkoliver) wrote2014-04-16 11:27 am

Back online, finally!

After three weeks of having no internet at home, and only sporadically being able to take care of important stuff using a friend's wireless, I'm finally back online. Aaah! There's tons to catch up with and I'm happy to be back, but there's a lot to be said for taking a few weeks offline:

I've written just over half of my new YA novel. As I said in my previous post (all those weeks ago), I'm using the Rachel Aaron approach and planning every chapter and scene before I write, aware of exactly what I want and need to get across before I start. I summarise the action, jot down small dialogue exchanges, list the themes/elements I want to shine, then I dive into the document. And my daily output has shot up—some days I'm cranking out 3000-4000 words, where before I was usually a 500-1000 words-per-day kinda gal. I'm sure things will slow down when the draft is complete and I start to revise, but for now, it's all jazz.

At the end of March me and a friend travelled to North Wales to attend the Sci-Fi Weekender 2014. We nerded out over some stunning cosplay, and got to watch live interviews with Graham McTavish and Royd Tolkien. I also especially enjoyed Festival of the Spoken Nerd, and Robert Rankin. I'm going to make a separate post for all of this, though, as there are a lot of pics and things I need to compile first.

I also dug two classical acoustic guitars out of the loft and I've been playing a little. There are some great sites that offer free user-created tab, pretty much any type of music you could want. I've found some obscure things and am having a ball relearning how to play between life and writing. It's been about thirteen years since I played guitar with any regularity, and it's amazing how much I still remember (I can even pick out an extremely slow, clunky version of Asturias, which is astounding. I mean, mine's terrible, but I remember the notes!). It's all tentative right now, but who knows, I might get back into it and start taking lessons again.

And there's a new EXO song teaser: Overdose. *squee*

Dark Star, by Fightstar.

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Interesting that you're using the Rachel Aaron approach. I do something similar when I do my fanfic writing, except instead of chapters, I break it down into scenes LOL. You should see my "outline", which is full of notes to myself or dialogue that comes to me then. But that method helps me write, so I'm glad it's working out for you!

And three weeks without Internet and only with a sporadic one? You're a trooper for surviving it. I'd go absolutely mad without the Internet! <3

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Oh yes, doing scene by scene is also good. I've been grabbing a few minutes here and there today to work through a scene, and in a minute I'm going to type it all up into my novel document. I'm amazed at how fast my word count shoots up. It's great!

Hee, well it wasn't always easy, especially when I wanted to look something up, but I got so much work done. ;) ♥

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Hi! It's so fabulous to see you. You've been missed! *glomps*

That's so awesome, about your new YA novel. I can't wait to hear more about it, especially since it sounds like you're going along at quite the clip. (Rachel Aaron's method is great -- planning like that seems like it'd be an ideal method for keeping yourself on track with a long, long piece.) I also can't wait to hear about the Weekender. Eeee, cosplay pics! Outstanding!

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*clings* I missed you too! I have so much to talk to you about - will email you soon. It's been very productive without the 'net, though I'm glad to be back in touch with people. :)

Ohh, you would have enjoyed the Weekender. I really wish you could have come along to it. The cosplay was incredible, and I'm usually not all that interested in cosplay. There was a Pennywise the Clown there from IT, who freaked me the hell out (I loved it, hee), and a group dressed as characters from The Hobbit - they were amazing. Will tell you more in email! ♥

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A Pennywise? Whoa. I probably would have run screaming, which would be my way of expressing extreme admiration. Pennywise is terrifying. I can't wait to hear more! ♥

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Welcome back! :)

Asturias is awesome!

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Thank you! It's good to see you around these parts again, too. :)

And yes, it's so amazing. I could listen to JW playing that over and over.