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Building Sentences by Douglas Glover

Building Sentences is a short blog post by Douglas Glover up at National Post. I find his articles encouraging and thought-provoking as I hammer my way through various projects. (When I say hammer through, I think this manic writing spell has to do with my NYC trip; sort of an anxiety reaction that I'm trying not to analyse too much.) Douglas Glover has also written a follow-up post to the one above, Parallel Construction, in which he discusses the impact of the "but-construction" - a way to build tension on a sentence level. I'm a big fan of the but-construction. :)

I wanted to quote a bit from the Building Sentences article because it struck me as so beautifully simple, something we all should be aware of all the time but aren't because we're caught up in the million other things we're trying to do with our storytelling:

'You don't have to know what you're going to write ahead of time if you understand that the sentence is an adventure not a fact, that it is less about communicating than entertainment (in a deep sense), and that by creating then resolving an antithesis, the sentence invents something new, a fresh thought.'
-Douglas Glover.

Isn't that lovely? I need to keep this in mind as I construct my paragraphs, scenes, and stories. I forget this a lot. I want my sentences to be an adventure for readers as well as for me.

(As a side note, be careful clicking around National Post, because it will ask you to purchase a digital subscription once you've viewed a certain amount of pages.)

Starry Eyed, by Ellie Goulding.

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