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Expanding one novel into two (or a series), and links

Have you ever started a novel or story as a standalone, and during the writing process realised that it's actually part of a longer series? Or do you know if something is going to extend beyond one book before you begin, and plot for a series accordingly? I imagine pro authors who've been writing for a while plan out series in advance and know how many books their story will require. I'm still finding my way with novel writing and this feeling is brand new.

Last night at my writing group, I discussed the probability of a second book to accompany my current novel-in-progress. It's been at the back of my brain since I started the novel back in December 2011, though I'd been ignoring it, thinking it might go away. But it's been playing on my mind a lot lately, and I realise it's not going away. :) The group had a lot of helpful things to say and were really encouraging. It's daunting, exciting, and a little sad that the second book will slow down the process of polishing the first. I now have to tie a much bigger overarching story together, making sure there's enough foreshadowing in the first, while keeping both stories fresh and entertaining. OTOH, I get to spend more time with the characters and expand on numerous things I didn't have room for in the first novel.

Um, yeah. Thanks, brain.

[ profile] davidbcoe recently talked about dealing with sequels as part of his summer blog tour for Thieves' Quarry: ConCarolinas Recap, Launching the Blog Tour With a Giveaway, and a Bit About Sequels.

Setting Up A Series - by editor Beth Hill. She also says a lot of stuff that makes sense. Thought I'd link to it in case anyone else is in the same boat as me.

The New Transmission, by Lostprophets.

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