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Finished Merlin (TV series), images in blog posts, and links

Like with SPN, I lost track of Merlin when it was on TV, stopping a few episodes into series four and not picking it back up again. Until now. I've watched all of S4 and S5 and have a few thoughts which I'll cut as usual.

Morgana started to irritate me in series three and basically continued to do so right through to the end of series five. There were times when it seemed like she might grow a new dimension… and then she'd put on that smarmy, I-am-so-eeeevil-and-cunning girly voice and ruin everything.

Also, all she ever seems to do is throw people backwards through the air in slow-mo.

Agravaine—I get that he needed to be Morgana's man on the inside, but I don't understand why Agravaine would choose her over what he already has. By the time he's deeply embroiled, it's pretty clear that Morgana is crazy, so even if she does overthrow Camelot and make herself queen, it's unlikely to end up a prospering and happy kingdom. With Arthur, Agravaine is going to be (at the very least) extremely comfortable for the rest of his days; his children's children will be well taken care of and never want for anything. In Arthur, he has a loving and trustworthy nephew. Yet, Agravaine skulks off to the forest to bathe in Morgana's obsessive bitterness. Yeah, nice one, Agravaine.

One of my favourite things about the show, and one of the things I think they do consistently well, is the banter between Merlin and Arthur. The two actors are really good at slapstick and physical comedy, and they work so well together!

I also love what they do with colour in Merlin, particularly when it comes to the characters' clothes. It's all very saturated, which adds to the fantasy themes, although sometimes I feel that it lends a slightly too modern vibe to the show. Then again, there are a lot of anachronisms anyway, and since we know very little of what the dark ages were actually like, I can't complain that it's wrong.

I didn't like the pacing of Guinevere's transformation in series five. It just seemed so off, but it could be because I watched the whole series on DVD over a few days rather than weekly when it was airing. I started to get a bit sick of the evil character of the week story lines anyway, so I'm glad they didn't drag Gwen's possession out too long.

On the other hand, I liked the pacing of Mordred's transformation. I felt a bit sorry for him numerous times, even though I can understand Merlin's reservations, given his vision of the future. This is the thing with knowing the future: by trying to change it you only set it more firmly it on its course.

And speaking of Merlin's reservations, I love how over the course of the show they allowed Merlin to grow more ruthless in his decisions and actions. I like a slightly darker Merlin—one who is ready to kill for Arthur without hesitation—though I thought they also retained a lot of Merlin's more humourous and kind traits as well.

The last couple of episodes were some of the best in the entire thing, and the very last episode made me wibble big time, particularly those beautiful, bittersweet and harrowing final scenes. This is a cute little show that isn't often taken too seriously and doesn't take itself too seriously, but it always showed a whole lot of heart.


I was thinking about blog posts the other day and recalled a friend who said she's way more likely to read a post if there's an image in it. I wondered what your thoughts are on this? Do you prefer a post to include an image, either relating to the topic or one that evokes a vibe, or are you more than happy to read text-only blogs? I notice a lot of blogs post images with their entries, but I see almost as many who don't (or if they do, it's not every post). It doesn't make any difference to me as I'm usually there for the text. Unless an image is adding something to the topic, I can live without it. Text doesn't intimidate me (I mean, I read books and manuals, and over the years I've learned to speed read and skim when necessary). It's interesting though. I also wonder if anyone's polled this.

I've started a new Paperblanks notebook! I'm currently writing in Lindau, an intricate design with faux jewels and gilding. So beautiful. I love running my fingers over its cover and moving it around so the light catches the shiny bits.

Better Book Titles - Who have put up some new covers recently.

Steampunk Lego - It was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

Kyle Quit the Band, by Tenacious D.

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