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Awkwardness, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Coven

How awkward is it when you're walking along and someone comes out of a room or doorway and starts walking the same way as you, and you're sort of walking together but not quite, and you don't know each other, so one person has to speed up and one has to slow down until there's enough distance between you to walk comfortably again, and everyone involved feels a tad stupid? The answer is, most awkward!

I've been playing a spot of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in my spare time (a little late to the party, as always), and all I can say is: epic whoa. Cutting this for lengthy rambles about large RPGs.

A couple of weeks back I got stuck on a side-quest and hopped online to look for hints, and found a guy posting to a game forum about the 1,000+ hours he's been playing TESIV:O, and how he's "still going strong."

Yeah, you read that right: one thousand plus hours.

Man! I racked up about 70 hours on my first Dragon Age: Origins play-through over the course of about 7 months, mostly because I didn't have a clue what I was doing and spent a lot of time running about (inwardly flailing and getting killed—ain't it always the case?), and even that felt like an insane amount of time to play a game. But you know what? I've learned so much about world-building from epic fantasy RPGs, so it's not time wasted. But still, one thousand plus hours. Now that's epic.

My problem with TESIV:O is that you're almost always alone, and I get lonely. I've been thoroughly spoiled by DA:O, where you have a team and can take three other characters with you on most missions, and during the course of the game you get to know them and their backstories, form friendships, romances, and rivalries with them, and have some steady company. Plus, having teammates can be extra entertaining when you're doing a lot of legwork, because they often drop dorky comments on your decisions and have ridiculous conversations between themselves. You don't get that in TESVI:O, at least not in the side-quests. You meet other characters and converse with them, yes, but it’s not the same as having a party who develop along with you the whole way.

Anyway, I do like the game, I'm just not sure at this point how much longer I'll mess around. I think soon I'll do the main quests, as I feel I could get tired of the universe eventually.

Also, I am seriously eying Skyrim, although I think I'll hold off until it comes down in price. Didn't I mention I'm often late to these parties?

Aside from that, I've been writing, submitting, receiving rejections—a couple of them very encouraging—working, playing, and snuggling my cat. Me and my Storyslingers co-mod are hoping to host a Short Story Slam in July, so we're starting to plan for that.

I hit 40k words on the steampunk novel recently, which I estimate to be about halfway through. It's good, solid progress, and that is fab. Also, things that I started to think weren't relevant and may end up being cut are now becoming relevant. Is this a part of my brain that's one step ahead of the rest? Could be, could be! Thank you, brain. I'm still mostly running on instinct, still finding it an enterprise of discovery and excitement. But there's always that tiny, niggling fear that I'll lose the plot or veer too far from my (shady) goal.

And a couple of weeks ago I discovered:

Wake You Up and Insect Flick, by Coven. A relatively new dubstep act, who I hope continue to bring out quality beats!

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Congratulations on hitting the 40K mark! It's always great to get to a milestone like that. Good news on getting encouraging rejections and feedback as well. :-)


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Hey, it's good to (virtually) see you again! I hope all is going well with your novelling, too. I'm looking at your latest posts as I type. :)

And thank you! It's so energizing to make progress like this. I'm also starting on the downslide to The End now, which is exciting.