Dec. 11th, 2013

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Here's a snippet from another of my new YA short stories. I'm attempting sci-fi again, this time with a horror edge. The two often go hand in hand for me, possibly because sci-fi alone scares me; I lack a lot of confidence in writing the genre. And even though I know deep down you don't have to be a science whizz to write it—reinforced by encouraging articles like this one by Andrew Penn Romine—I think you do need a certain tenacity to shine through. I'm working on that. And I'm having a hearty go at this one because I love the concept.

The stacks never sleep.

A rusty, unused rail track sidewinds across the land, snaking from stack to stack, factory to workshop, and down into the tumbled depths of monochrome waste. These rails were once used for collecting and carting debris, but the Machinists found that often the carts would get jammed behind obstructions, or get tossed in whirling, metal-shard cyclones.

But the Machinists have constructed more reliable transporters—efficient, self-sufficient.

And these new intermediaries do not need tracks.

I'm keeping characters under wraps for now, just in case I actually work this into something I'm not embarrassed to submit to a magazine. I think this marks my first venture into sci-fi not set on a future Earth. We'll see how it goes.

Terra Firma, by The Daylights.


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