Aug. 31st, 2013

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I've been working on my synopsis, query letter and pitch, because I want to be a prepared bunny. Probably the most difficult one for me is the synopsis - and I think it boils down to the length, which might be related to my struggle with writing flash fiction. I love drabbles and micro-fiction. Give me 100 words or less, and I'm already formulating ideas. But give me between 100 - 1000 words, and I go blank. I've tried and tried and tried to write decent flash fiction over the years, and I still get the urge to flail my arms and throw sticks at my computer. For me, short stories are harder than novels, and flash fiction is definitely harder than short stories.

I haven't had the opportunity to pitch face-to-face yet, but I'm reasonably happy with the shape of my pitches (I currently have one single line, blink-of-an-eye pitch, and one slightly longer two paragraph pitch) and even though the notion is utterly terrifying when you stop and think about it, a part of me is drawn to the challenge. I'd probably have to be careful not to ask, "So, how was it for you?" straight afterwards, because that would be weird. Very, very weird.

The glorious EXO have been repackaged, just two months after the release of their first full album. Two months! Why so soon, SM? Oh, that's right, because you need more money like now. OK, but it's EXO, so I can kind of forgive. Mostly, I wanted to link to one of the new singles on the repackaged version of XOXO: Growl. This is one of my favourites yet, and the video is stunning (to be fair, it doesn't take much for their vids to be stunning...). There's also a dance only version here. As you can see, the 'rehearsal' version is almost as polished as the official. EXO are so shiny.

Comets & Violins, by Kidneythieves.


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