Dec. 20th, 2012

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For anyone who uses Duotrope and hasn't seen this, as of January 1st 2013 you will need to subscribe to use the full service. This means you won't have access to the search function or all details of individual market listings. It's $5 per month or $50 per year, and there will also be gift certificate options. If you have markets bookmarked on the site and you don't want to subscribe, now would be a good time to export and save your listings, as they will only be openly available for the rest of December.

This week was my writing group's holiday party that we do every year. There were minced pies and cupcakes, popcorn and drink, festive Dada and write/draw silliness! Two of our members brought along the Dictionary Game, and since it was so much fun, I thought I'd share the rules here. It's very much like the British TV show Call My Bluff. Rules for the Dictionary Game )

Currently reading New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, an anthology edited by Paula Guran that features stories inspired by the scribblings of H.P. Lovecraft. So far, it's an excellent collection, some of the stories really spooky, some quirky, some just plain clever. Lovecraft is hit-and-miss for me, but I'm consistently loving these new weird tales and would recommend this to any speculative fiction fan regardless of whether they like Lovecraft or not.

And some links…

Night Bazaar - A group blog for sci-fi, fantasy and horror authors, regularly discussing topics related to the writing life. There's a load of good stuff here—posts on submissions, world-building, POV, action scenes and much more.

How I used Kickstarter to reboot a book series, and my career (and maybe my life?) - Tobias Buckell talks in depth about his experiences with Kickstarter, and the realities of a book project.

Where Is My Mind? by Pixies.


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